“My pal Roger Wood is a … genius. He’s an assemblage sculptor who makes these marvellous, whimsical, beautiful clocks-as-sculptures. I was over at Roger’s studio last night, looking around at his latest work, and boy, is he ever good. What’s more, he’s better — every time I drop by Roger’s place, I see works that are more controlled, more witty, more charming than ever. … He should be a hip, Hollyweird fad; a SoHo must-have; a cult favorite and the subject of a New York Time magazine pull-out”.
“I bought a clock just before I moved to London, which was the first piece of decor I put up in my new flat after moving in. Every place I’ve lived since I left Toronto has had a Roger clock in it, and it wouldn’t feel like home without one”.
— Cory Doctorow,

“Lanning Gallery’s director, Isabelle Cozart, points out, “Visitors to the gallery love to study each of Roger’s pieces and find things they recognize like the tube from inside an old TV set or the gauge from an ancient football pump. His ‘exploding clock’ series epitomizes the sense of absolute fun he brings to each of his creations.”
“There is undeniable charm in a clock that appears to have blown apart even as its second hand continues to sweep. There is equal charm in a clock whose key element is an ancient trumpet or a shoemaker’s wooden form. Each painstakingly assembled piece could hold elements close to one hundred years old though their clock components are battery-operated and thoroughly modern. Wood finishes each of his one-of-a-kind pieces with a trademark feather attached to the second hand – a fanciful element in constant motion on every one of his clocks. The artist, without a doubt, approaches his art with a firm belief that the world can use more joy and that he can do his part to offer a counterbalance of play and wonder in a world that can often seem too serious and chaotic.”
— The Lanning Gallery, Sedona, Arizona

“These are no ordinary clocks. Toronto artist Roger Wood imbues each piece with an alluring whimsical quality that will fill a room with charm and intrigue. No two clocks are alike and each one features Mr. Wood’s own unique signature: a feather.”
— Art Gallery of Ontario

“It’s Wood’s ability to think outside of the conventions of traditional design that makes his clocks so special; each one is truly one of a kind.”
— Jay Somerset

“In his own charming manner, Roger Wood invites us to take a leisurely stroll through his work, with our imaginations unleashed. No map is required; we are allowed to write our own scenarios. He guides us gently through time, space and feeling. His obvious joy in the ‘familiar’ things of the world, counterpoised in fantastic settings, brings us to a new appreciation of that which we are usually too preoccupied to notice. His ability to carry us through this garden of wonder attests to his strength as an artist; an artist who insists on the importance of play, thereby permitting him, and his viewers to believe in possibilities. There is a timelessness ot his work that presumes it will both stay and move with us. The juxtaposition of old and new, familiar and rare, sacred and profane, preserves each piece in a vacuum of freshness well beyond any trend in fashion or taste. This is a truly refreshing and everlasting world, meant to be lived with and enjoyed.”
— M. Manson, Professor, Fine Arts, Wilfred Laurier University