You can also download printable instructions as a PDF.

Solving problems with your klockwerks timepiece

1) If the hour hand is hanging loose, you can just push it back on the shaft with your fingernails.

2) If the movement is no longer working, you can replace it easily; just remove the existing movement, measure the shaft length, and order a replacement from:, in the USA or, in Canada.

Instructions for Replacing a Clock Movement

Install the new movement using the following instructions.

To remove the old movement:

1. Remove the second hand. (Pluck it off with your fingernails).

2. Remove the cap nut with small pliers.

3. Remove the minute and hour hands. (Pull the hour hand straight out with your fingernails).

4. Remove the mounting nut with a small wrench or pliers. Caution: Place a small piece of cardboard between the wrench and clock face to prevent any scratches.

To install the new movement: (Basically the reverse of the above)

1. Insert the movement and rubber washer through the hole in the back of the clock face.

2. Slip on the brass washer and gently tighten the mounting nut using the small wrench. Tighten it just enough so that the dial does not rotate easily. (Be careful to not tighten the lock nut as it may distort the mechanism in the clock movement).

3. Slip on the minute hand and turn it to point at 12:00. Then remove it and press on the hour hand, pointing it at any even hour.

4. Slip on the minute hand again and screw on the cap nut fairly tightly.

5. Press on the second hand, set the time using the small dial on the back (or by moving the minute hand) and insert the battery. (If there is a little red switch, flip it to the on position).

6. If there is one, gently press on the plastic cover to hide the back of the movement.