Clocks for Sale

Each clock is signed and numbered and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity. These use battery powered quartz movements and will keep accurate time for years. KLOCKWERKS timepieces have been safely shipped all over the world, from Australia to Finland.

(The price includes taxes and shipping to Canada and the lower 48 in the USA).

About our clocks

“Time is contained within the objects that we collect, and neglect. Roger Wood’s handmade steampunk clocks are wistful reliquaries of lost and abandoned scenarios. Wood’s custom timepieces are castaway objects such as boilers, blowtorches, and the shells of clocks from yesteryear, festooned with a whimsical selection of baubles, knobs, tubes, dials, gears, springs… and always, there is the ubiquitous feather, ticking away with the flow of our delicate entanglements.

Roger Wood’s KLOCKWERKS art is to tinker and create small spaces; assemblages crafted to inhabit imaginarily. To live ‘chronoRogerically’ is to sit and ponder, discovering new and interesting things as precious time passes.