About Our Unique Timepieces

Roger Wood is the Artist Behind Klockwerks

The beautiful steampunk mantel clocks and unique timepieces from KLOCKWERKS are all created by self-taught artist Roger Wood of Hamilton, Ontario.

His clock-making process starts with perusing items at yard sales and flea markets to find great components to craft these beautiful and unique timepieces. Wood then uses other people’s discarded and unwanted items to find things that speak to him, things with a history. These items can be pretty much anything, from wheels and gears to musical instruments and feathers. Wood has assembled a massive collection of items, most of which is barely contained by the numerous drawers in his Hamilton, Ontario workshop.

When it is time to make a clock, Wood selects the antique items from his collection to create something new. He uses modern machines to put together his art deco mantel clocks and unique timepieces. Every art deco and steampunk clock is as unique as the items it came from. Each piece has history and has been recycled and repurposed to become part of something beautiful. Wood has been making these unique timepieces since 1999, and he has enjoyed sharing his obsession with time, art and history with others. While he got his start assembling clocks for friends and family, he is now proud to be able to offer his art deco style clocks to people around the world.

Check out his full inventory of wholly unique and whimsical clocks in the online shop, or learn more by calling Wood at 905-548-6796 or send him an email at roger@klockwerks.com.

Video by Bryan Belanger